• Watch Mark as 1/3 of Destiny’s Dad

    Thought you might be interested in this rather shocking cross-dressing incident that Mark was involved […]

  • Let’s Dance for Comic Relief!

    Mark is part of this year’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief as ‘Destiny’s Dad’…

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7/7/15 19:10
@PenellaMellor boo!! Nothing in the diary North West at mo :-(( How are you dude? Taking over the world of comedy I'm sure. Speak soon xx
7/7/15 11:58
RT @TobyonTV: A near 18-month head start for Chris Evans' Top Gear over Clarkson & Those Two's other car show is the sort of thing F1 shoul…
5/7/15 22:38
@juliastannard69 deffo!! Though I should warn you I don't look great in Speedos.....! Fab 2 meet u & the whole family. V special day! MX
5/7/15 14:11
@Paulainpink @TriTrainingCtre @juliastannard69 @RichardStannard I'm there!! Fab to meet you too Paula. Amazing family you have!!! #goodgenes
5/7/15 7:42
@RichardStannard Magical day, sir. Weather, setting, the couple - everything perfect. Now, when are you training me for triathlon? 😉 Mark x
3/7/15 22:28
@katy_red aw shucks!! Thanks Katy. Fab to meet you. Was v special evening indeed. Now go get that watch fixed!! Best, MX
3/7/15 11:49
@lizziecundy you're worth every penny gorgeous lady!!!! xxxxx
3/7/15 11:48
RT @FubarRadio: *Exclusive* - Daniella Westbrook on yesterday's Hot Gossip. http://t.co/GAppb5Slss @OK_Magazine @lizziecundy @mrmarkdolan
2/7/15 6:52
HUGE @FubarRadio show today w @lizziecundy. @bethtweddlenews on winning, and gorge Daniella Westbrook on surviving. Listen free from 10am X
1/7/15 21:50
@lizziecundy @OK_Magazine @FubarRadio Haha!!! Lizzie's the photogenic one!!!!! X
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