• Watch Mark as 1/3 of Destiny’s Dad

    Thought you might be interested in this rather shocking cross-dressing incident that Mark was involved […]

  • Let’s Dance for Comic Relief!

    Mark is part of this year’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief as ‘Destiny’s Dad’…

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17/9/14 19:32
RT @oliviacharlet: Anyone know of someone who would know how to edit a 2-minute video? #video #film #edits
17/9/14 19:32
@oliviacharlet @FubarRadio thanks Olivia!!! A delight to meet you today. V good luck with the project and pls stay in touch!! MX
17/9/14 19:30
RT @oliviacharlet: Thank you @mrmarkdolan for a unique chat about #thirdculturekids and #dating! Highly recommend signing up to @FubarRadio…
17/9/14 19:30
“@weeclaire: @mrmarkdolan my peace and love Scotland post here: http://t.co/jsuzr5GYde” pls read this straight away - it's BRILLIANT!!! X
17/9/14 19:28
RT @weeclaire: A v political Geek News this week on @FubarRadio with @mrmarkdolan. Whatever #ScotlandDecides let's all remain friends pleas…
17/9/14 12:47
RT @weeclaire: Geek News on @mrmarkdolan's show on @FubarRadio. Tune in for you weekly fix, I'll be on at 1.30pm. http://t.co/bwycc29Ox4
17/9/14 10:41
@thisisyourlaugh thanks dude. Speak soon xxxx
17/9/14 10:41
@fluffybawbag deliberately confrontational. Wanted to spark a debate!!! How are you lovely one?? xxxx
17/9/14 8:21
RT @HuffPostUKCom: "Scotland, I implore you. Sober up, so we can drink together again" blogs @mrmarkdolan. http://t.co/698RNKnhDt
16/9/14 19:27
RT @thecomedycow: .@MrMarkDolan headlines our comedy night at @TheCrownStony, Milton Keynes in October! Tickets at http://t.co/7D9nCCptZz
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Catch Mark live every Saturday night!!

Mark will be MCing every Saturday, right up until Christmas!! Come down and see him in action. www.amusedmoose.com for more info


Mark is developing a series of TV pilots at the the legendary Downstairs At The King’s Head in Crouch End. Stay tuned for more details.

Edinburgh 2013!!!

Mark had a fantastic time at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with an unprecedented hatrick of four star reviews. “Comedy Gold” One 4 Review. “Consistently funny” […]

Mark Dolan Stand-up Mentor

For Comic Relief, Mark has agreed to mentor a budding stand-up comedian, selected from thousands of entries submitted to BBC London 94.9 He will get […]

Mark on BBC London 94.9

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