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20/11/17 15:22
RT @PhilipsComedy: Dude, Where’s My Cardigan? #WearAMovie
20/11/17 13:27
RT @ComedyClubUK: There is nothing #BlackFriday about this! Fri 24th Nov we have an awesome 5 @ComedyClubUK shows to choose from you'll be…
20/11/17 11:36
@tomwardvoice You too dude!! See you soon I hope X
19/11/17 22:43
RT @sallyannhayward: Popped my green party flyer into the recycling bin. It's what they would have wanted.
19/11/17 22:12
This is strong and deserves more likes. 😁
17/11/17 13:41
@Josie_Mills93 Can't wait Josie!!! See you soooon! X
17/11/17 13:40
It's going to be a CRACKER!! 😁 Oh no, it's supposed to be angry face. Here goes: 😡 See you there! #HateNLive
16/11/17 15:05
Two of my favourite men 😁
13/11/17 20:34
@aroundthehouses @MartynGerrardEA And all on one leg!! You’re a legend 😁. Hope you’re feeling better sire xx
9/11/17 10:18
It’s true!! 😁😘😘
Edinburgh 2015!!!
Edinburgh 2015!!!

Mark had a fantastic time at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with an unprecedented hatrick of four star reviews. “Comedy Gold” One 4 Review. “Consistently funny” The Independent.  London and UK tour dates to follow.MARKDOLAN stand-up 1